Photography and travels to Cuba

Photography and travels to Cuba

If you are a traveler looking for a website that offers photography trips to Cuba, we advise you to visit a website that is fully specialized in photography and travels to Cuba with european and cuban photographers.

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In it you won’t see photo trips to several countries, nor several traveling photographers – you will only find Cuban Photography, photo essays showing the Cuban reality, trics to travel to Cuba , articles that will come in handy during your travels across the island, and a schedule with upcoming photography trips to Cuba.

Louis Alarcon set off to capture the essence of Cuba in his photographs, but it was the essence of Cuba that captured him, and that is when he started this project involving photography and travels to Cuba, called “Photographing Cuba”, by which he is creating a visual biography of the changes that are taking place in Cuba.

cubana bailando en nuestros recorridos por la habana

- Who are these photo trips aimed at?

Any traveler who wants to know Cuba, take good photographs on the island, and learn photography –whether travel photography, artistic photography, conceptual photography or others.

Any traveler, even from the United States, since the agency that manages and sells these photography trips to Cuba is authorized to sell group people-to-people trips to United States citizens.

- Locally Sourced Cuba

- The Educational adventures company

locally sourced cuba travel agency organizer or photo tours and workshops in Cuba.

During these travels oriented in photography , Louis tries to take the traveler beyond simply taking nice pictures on the Cuban subject – as a storyteller, Louis helps the traveler to build small, coherent photographic stories.

Photography and travels to Cuba 

What are these photo trips like?

They are highly flexible; Louis has a deep knowledge of Cuba, and in addition to the daily schedule you can see outlined in the upcoming photo trips section

…the photo trip constantly adapts, since there are many photography surprises every day; there is a lot of street photography, street portraits, photo sessions at gyms, boxing schools, Afro-Cuban dancers, visits to Afro-Cuban worshipers, visits to agriculture communities, and photography excursions to neighborhoods away from the more touristic areas.
Photo reviews are also carried out at the terrace of the home where travelers stay (Louis has chosen a large home so that travelers can keep in touch with the Cuban people in a way that is more significant than if they stayed at hotels crowded with tourists).

More images, less words.

In order to understand how these travels focused on photography really are, I advise you to stop reading this article and visit the website right away.

You can also learn more about these photographs and travels by watching the videos Louis has recorded throughout all these years with his travelers – it may be the best way to understand this project involving photography trips to Cuba

Video Channel about photography and travels to Cuba.

Video about these travels for photographers.

Photography and travels to Cuba.

More pictures and links about photography and travels to Havana and all around Cuba.

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Pictures of Louis traveleres.


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