Photography tours to Cuba 2020 and 2021

” Photographing Cuba Project “ : Photo tours to Cuba and Workshops of photography led by Louis Alarcon and organized by Locally Sourced Cuba Travel Agency

Photography Tours to Cuba each month : 2020, 2021 and 2022

photo essays of louis in workshops of photography in cuba

This project is specialized to 100% in Cuban photography and Photography Travels to Cuba.
You can find more than 15 photographic series that will help you understand the island and get to know the main points in our photography tours.

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Cuban photography tours organized by:

locally sourced cuba travel agency organizer or photo tours and workshops in Cuba.

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US Travelers: Locally Sourced Cuba Tours also offers affordable licensed people-to-people Private Cuba Photo Tours, through our partnership with the US-based Educational Adventures Company

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kids playing in havana hall in my photography tours to cuba

Interior view of Cuban colonial houses.

Photography tours to Cuba 2020, 2021 and 2022.

In these photo tours we will stay in official rental houses, with complete independence and comfort, so we will have a more direct contact with the Cuban people.

Cuba has many advantages over other countries, not only by its light, but by the charming character of its people and by the ease with which you can make portraits and street photo.

Cameras will be like a key that will allow us to enter many places and situations that go unnoticed for the tourist, also because I only work with small groups, we can be more flexible in my photography tours.

More information about my work:

Whatch the experience

Enjoy the videos about my workshops, photo tours, essays and travels to Cuba.
This is the best way to know my photo guided tours.

Photo activities in these guided photo tours around Cuba.

- Old Havana (I´d like to call “the new old Havana” )

- Graffitis and paintings on the walls & Callejón Hamel (special street painted)

- Religion: visit a house of a “Santero” (afrocuban priest)

Louis alarcon photographing cuba in havana streets

Louis Alarcon “fishing in Havana”



- Colonial houses (old furnitures and old cuban owners)

-  Outlying districts (no tourism there)

- Markets in Habana.

- Boxers training

training in a boxing gym in cuba in louis alarcon workshops of photography

- Outdoor Architecture (Buikdings with enchantment)

- Panoramic photography from the other side of the city.

- Malecon life

yellow car and two cuban girls in malecon of habana. Photo taken in my workshops of photography in the great havana.

- Sunset in special places

Sunset in Regla Village, surrounding Havana

Sunset in Regla village.

- One of the most special and high terraces in Havana

- Tobacco factory and country side.

Country side and tobacco house in vinales in cuba a special workshops of photography in the caribean island

- Charming streets (street photography and contact with the people are two of the strongest points in this photo tour)

- Portraits

Portrait of old woman in havana with a red flower in the head, a photo session led by louis alarcon

- Review and analysis of pictures

- Fototeca de la Habana Vieja (National photography institute)

- Visits to photographic expositions.

- Looking for changes in the new Cuba

- Hemingway life (Hotel – bodeguida and Floridida Pubs where the writer was living in Cuba)

- Old cuban cars

Old car under the storm in Havana in a wet photo tour in the capital of cuba

- Cuban parties

- Afrocuban dancers

Afrocuban dancers in action in our photo session in cuba tours

Afrocuban dancers – Photo session

- Visits to painters in our day to day.

- Retro amusement park

- Family altars

Interior of cuban houses in trinidad tours in cuba

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