Photo tour in vinales and pinar del rio with guillermo seijo

At the north eastern region of Cuba, in Viñales and in Pinar del Rio you can find Guillermo Seijo. This Cuban photographer has been offering photo tours and photography workshops for years, and showing Valle de Viñales to travellers interested in getting to know the rural culture, good landscapes and human photography.

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photo tours in Vinales and pinar del rio

Your photography expertise doesn’t matter; what is important is that you like relating to people and photography. It doesn’t matter whether you have a great camera or just a mobile; in either case you will get to take good pictures, capture great landscapes and portraits.

Guille (that’s how everyone calls him there) is authorized by the Cuban National Cultural Tourism Company, called PARADISO, to organize these guided photo tours.

Photo tours in Viñales and Pinar del Rio with Guillermo Seijo

Guille will help you get integrated with the Cuban environment; you will see how simple it is to approach people and make friendships and good portraits if you have someone from Cuba guiding you.

Viñales has a great advantage over other places such as Havana, which is that by being a small town, people’s personalities are much more relaxed and laid back than in the Cuban capital.

Here is how you can contact Guille.


Facebook :  Click here

Phone mobile:  Fixed  +53-48696652  Movil +53-55450771



Video about Viñales and cuban countryside

You should know that Guillermo doesn’t have just one route set for his photo tours; you can let him know what you’d like to visit. You may want something more rural, or maybe something with more landscapes, a long tour, or maybe a short one. There are many possible excursions depending on what you seek, and if you are also interested in photographing birds, you can tell him so and he will lead you to the best spots.

Enjoy this tour with a great photographer and a great person… you’ll see for yourself.

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